Consider these to be services required during the life cycle of a technology implementation (from planning to rollout). As a customer, you acquire various technology platforms in-house to further your business needs. And getting them implemented requires a dedicated team of resources (both IT and business) with a clear plan of adoption for success. And often, you don’t have the required internal resources available that are trained and skilled enough to be able to implement successfully and within the constraints such as timelines and budget. We offer services to support you:

  • Technology Pilots
  • Architecture/Design Advisories
  • Development, Deployment and Production Rollouts
  • Go-Live and Post-Production Support
  • One-time Migrations
    • OnPrem to Cloud
    • Lower Version to Newer Version (example, MuleSoft 3.8 to 4.2)
  • Documentation/User Guides/Best Practices Development
  • Center for Enablement Setup for API-based Integration
Associated Delivery Model(s):Staff-Augmentation or Project-Based
Outcomes Delivered: Completed deliverables associated with a technology implementation with success criteria achieved as part of the engagement