Global Health Insurance Company
December 16, 2022
Recruitment and Staffing

Global Leader in Talent Recruitment and Business Solutions

Our customer is a global leader in Talent Recruitment and Business Solutions

 Key Business Needs

  • Enhance client management and streamline client agreement process 
  • Automate invoicing process for contingent and full-time hiring
  • Automate time and expense report management
  • Enhance accuracy and efficiency of financial operations
  • Improve compliance and documentation for audits and financial reporting

Our Solution

  • Integrate Salesforce with Bullhorn ATS for customer and client management
  • Integrate Bullhorn ATS with customer’s invoice and payroll systems
  • Create daily data extracts of ATS and Invoice data to push to data warehouse for operational reporting and audit
  • Integrate Chromeriver with Salesforce and Netsuite for efficient expense and time management
  • Automate employee onboarding by connecting Ultipro, Active directory, Bullhorn, Netsuite and Salesforce

Technology Use Cases

  • Customer, contact, customer terms and billing profile synchronization from Bullhorn to Netsuite
  • Automatic Placement creation and Invoicing in Netsuite for fulltime and contingent hires based on changes in Bullhorn
  • Customers and Employees information flow automatically from Ultripro and Bullhorn to NetSuite and AzureAD
  • Synchronize Expense Reports from ChromeRiver to Netsuite
  • Contact/Opportunity sync from Salesforce to Bullhorn

Results/Business Outcomes

  • Accelerated business workflows without compromising security and governance
  • Quicker revenue generation and recognition
  • Better employee engagement and experience