Regional Community Bank
July 24, 2022
Leading Sports Retail Apparel Company
July 28, 2022
Major US Producer of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Major Producer of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Our customer is a leading producer and marketer of adult alcoholic beverages. They are the largest importer of Beer in the US and a leading supplier of Wine & Spirits.

Key Business Needs

  • Increase visibility into the newly growing channel – online market.
  • Improve targeted marketing efforts based on sales data by demographics and distribution.
  • Ability to digest more data sources for quick analysis and insights

Our Solution

  • Standardize attributes and metrics within the datasets and mapping them to internal attributes (across product, geography, time).
  • Enabled single version of truth by linked data sources with internal data sets to perform actionable insights.

Technology Use Cases

  • Automate data update and reporting processes.
  • Consolidate disparate datasets and enable accurate tracking for marketing and sales teams.
  • Synchronize online sales data with data from distributors, demographics data, and internal financial datasets (margins and profitability)

Results/Business Outcomes

  • Gained visibility to online sales on a regular basis instead of the existing ad-hoc nature (due to manual efforts).
  • Enabled targeted marketing efforts to premium retailers based on sales and demographics data linkage
  • Reduced manual labor by IT spent on data cleansing efforts, so they can focus on driving actionable insights.